A few (not so) Frequently Asked Questions:

Which camera do you use?

The one I had with me. In most cases a Nikon of some sort, possibly a D70, a D300s or a D750, but also a P7000. But I’ve also used an Olympus. And sometimes I even use the phone, some version of the Google Nexus.

Can I use your pictures for my project?

That depends. Please see the About Islay Pictures page for details.

What’s your favourite Islay whisky?

That depends. On my mood and various other factors. But Laphroaig and Bruichladdich are usually fairly high on the list.

What’s your favourite place on Islay?

That depends. But Machir Bay and Saligo Bay are usually high on the list. I also like the north coast around Mala Bholsa. And the south coast around the southern skerries. Not to forget the dramatic cliffs in many parts of The Oa.

Why can I not see my comment?

If this is your first comment it will require my approval to make sure you are a real nice person and not a spammer. Any subsequent comments should appear immediately, if not something else might have triggered it. Either way, I will approve any legitimate comments as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the huge amount of spam this blog like most blogs receives forces me to use this measure, otherwise I would be overrun with it. Thank the inconsiderate spammers for it.

I found a mistake, what should I do?

By all means let me know. I’m not perfect and might make all kinds of mistakes. Spelling mistakes, identifying a place incorrectly and other mistakes. Let me know whichever way you feel comfortable. You can leave a comment at the post. You can send me an email. Whichever way you prefer. And unless you tell me otherwise I will give you credit for the correction.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. My husband and I will be visiting Islay next month (May 2024.) Can you suggest anyone on the island who can help me locate a piece of land I am researching? It is Craigfad in the Kilchoman area. One of my ancestors may have been a tenant farmer there.

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