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So what in the heck is all this?

This is my ‘photoblog’ or ‘photographic web log’ with daily pictures of the Isle of Islay on the west coast of Scotland. As the name implies I will post pictures here, typically of the large variety (1000px wide or high, depending on the format). The pictures will mostly be from the Isle of Islay, on occasion I might stray to the neighbouring islands of Jura, Colonsay and Gigha.

About me

I’m Armin Grewe, the blogger posting the pictures on this blog. I was born and grew up in Germany before moving to the UK in 1995, where apart from a short interruption from 1998-2000 I’ve lived ever since. I work in the IT industry, probably part of the reason I got involved in the web, building website and ultimately blogging. For the time being I live in southern England, currently in Aldermaston Wharf in West Berkshire.

In late July 1998 I booked a holiday for a week in Scotland. I can’t remember exactly why and how I picked Islay as one of the places to visit, it might have been a report in The Independent and an awakening interest in Single Malt Whisky. Whatever the reason was, on a rainy morning in August 1998 I arrived on Islay for the first time.

I have returned to Islay again and again ever since.

At least once a year, the last few years two or even three times a year, I’ve returned to Islay for yet another visit. Discovering new places, meeting new people, revisiting well-known places, meeting old friends, making new experiences, deepening my knowledge, you name it.

In 1999 I started my first website under www.armin-grewe.com (which is still going strong), information about Islay and travelogues from my visits to Scotland including to Islay are a large part of its content. In 2006 I added a blog about Islay to my collection, not surprisingly it can be found at www.islayblog.com. December 2008 saw the addition of the daily Islay Pictures photoblog (that’s this blog).

You can find more about and from me on my Armin Grewe Google profile and on my personal website.

Usage of these pictures for your projects

Under the following conditions you can use individual pictures from this blog in your non-commercial projects:

  1. Please contact me and let me know where / for what you’d like to use my picture(s). I expect to grant permission in most cases, but reserve the right to refuse permission if I feel the usage would be inappropriate.
  2. Please credit me through a clickable link to this photoblog if your project is online, i.e. a link that looks like this: <a href=”http://www.islay.org.uk/” title=”Islay Pictures – Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland”>Islay Pictures Photoblog</a>. For ‘offline’ projects you should ideally print the website address, i.e. www.islay.org.uk
  3. Please do not ‘hotlink’ the picture(s). Instead download it/them and copy them to your server.
  4. Please make a donation to a cancer research charity in your country. I’ll leave you to decide the amount depending on your financial situation, but would like to suggest something between £20 and £50 (or your local currency equivalent). Please find an incomplete list of cancer research charities below:

For commercial usage please contact me to discuss your project.


For more information about Islay you might want to try these great sites:

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