Hi Armin,
Thank you so much for putting these wonderful photos and stories of Islay together. Many years ago, I first heard of Islay when I found it scrawled on my Great Great grandfather’s death certificate. His name was John Johnston. The other thing which attracted my attention was his father’s occupation…”Distiller”. As a writer and storyteller, my antennae went up and thus began my love affair with a small island on the other side of the known universe. I live in Sydney, Australia. In lieu of geese, we have flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos which love dive-bombing vehicles, and nibbling away on just about anything wooden they can get their beaks on, while smiling ever so sweetly for the camera.
Much of my research into my Islay heritage was done before much information was available online and all I’ve had is one or two photos. I have had young kids and getting to Islay has been prohibitive, which has been incredibly frustrating. So, once again, many thanks.
Best wishes,