Evening mood at Port Ellen Marina and Loch Leòdamais, Isle of Islay


Panoramic picture of a view over a marina and a small loch with a coastal villageTaken about 5-10 minutes before the full rainbow appeared over Port Ellen, a panoramic view of Port Ellen Marina and Loch Leòdamais from the pier in the mild June evening light on Islay.

Full rainbow over Port Ellen panorama, Isle of Islay


Panoramic picture of a full rainbow over a coastal village with a small marina

Sometimes a delay can have unexpected benefits: Arriving with the MV Finlaggan for a June holiday on Islay the mezzanine car deck got stuck, delaying me getting off the ferry. When I finally got off I spotted an old friend and stopped to have a chat with him. While we were chatting the clouds broke up and shortly after he had to leave this beautiful full rainbow appeared over Port Ellen. In a way it’s even more than a full rainbow, as it was reflected/mirrored in the calm water.

Threatening clouds over the Oa, Isle of Islay


Picture of some very dark clouds over a peninsula seen from a ferrySeen from the incoming Islay evening ferry arriving in Port Ellen, some very dark clouds moving in over the Oa. Carraig Fhada lighthouse left of centre, Kilnaughton Bay towards the right.