About Armin Grewe

Visiting Islay for over 15 years, blogging and posting Islay pictures in some form for almost as long.

November sunset at Loch Laphroaig panorama, Isle of Islay


Panoramic picture of a bay with a distillery at sunsetA November afternoon just after sunset on the south coast of Islay, looking out over Loch Laphroaig with the Oa in the distance. The Laphroaig distillery visitor centre and maltings on the right.

Night sky reflections in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay


Picture of the night sky over a bay with a beach, stars reflecting on the wet sandA beautiful night sky in Saligo Bay on a clear November night on Islay. Some of the stars reflect in the shallow water running over the beach, the Milky Way stretching out across the sky.