About Armin Grewe

Visiting Islay for over 15 years, blogging and posting Islay pictures in some form for almost as long.

Rainbow over the red Sanaigmore phone box, Isle of Islay


Picture of a red phone box at a single track road with a rainbow aboveProbably the best known and most photographed red phone box on Islay, the one at the Sanaigmore/ Loch Gorm B8018 road junction. Here I was lucky enough to capture it with a bonus rainbow after a passing rain shower. Carnduncan in the background.

What remains of the Wyre Majestic in April 2017, Isle of Islay


Picture of the remains of a wreck in a sound between two islandsTime is finally taking its toll. While in 1998 the wreck of the Wyre Majestic (who ran aground in 1974) was still largely complete the strong currents in the Sound of Islay have finally managed to wear down the once proud ship and only a small section of the stern remains.

The wreck of the Wyre Majestic in 1998, Isle of Islay


Picture of the wreck of a fishing trawler stranded on a rocky shoreOne of my oldest Islay pictures, taken during my very first visit to Islay in July 1998 (before digital cameras, scanned from a print). The Wyre Majestic ran aground at┬áRubha a’ Mhail near Bunnahabhain in October 1974, opposite the Paps of Jura on the other side of the Sound of Islay.

This is how the remains of the wreck looked almost 20 years later in April 2017.