About Armin Grewe

Visiting Islay for over 15 years, blogging and posting Islay pictures in some form for almost as long.

Car under the Milky Way night sky, Isle of Islay


Picture of a Mini Clubman stopped on a country road under the Milky Way night skyA brief clear moment at night during my Islay visit in November 2017. On my way back to the cottage at Kilchoman I had spotted that it had cleared up, so I had stopped to admire the night sky and if possible take a few pictures. I had stopped on the highest point of the road a few hundred yards past Foreland, just before the road turns left. As I could see clouds rapidly approaching from the west I didn’t have time to drive anywhere else for an interesting background and I couldn’t really get the landscape to work where I had stopped. Then my eyes fell on my car and a decision was made. This is the result.