Moody November morning at the wreck in Machir Bay, Isle of Islay


Picture of a wreck on a beach on a cloudy moody morningA cloudy and moody November morning on Kilchoman beach on Machir Bay on the west coast of Islay. The old wreck sticking out of the sand in front of the crags and hills stretching into the distance in the south.

Breaking waves and wreck in Machir Bay, Isle of Islay


Picture of waves breaking with a wreck in the sand in the foregroundA nice Atlantic swell rolling into Machir Bay with the waves breaking as they approach Kilchoman Beach. In the foreground what was visible of the wreck of the Patti in June 2017, the water swilling around the boiler.

Very low tide in Machir Bay panorama, Isle of Islay


Panoramic picture of a very low tide in a bay with a beach

One of the lowest tides I can recall in Machir Bay, possibly the lowest I’ve ever experienced. On the left the wreck of the Patti sticking out of the sand, I estimate the water was at least 50 metres (one Olympic swimming pool I believe is the standard comparison) away. Normally it’s just a few feet away from the wreck at low tide. Taken on the last day of my June holiday on Islay.