8 thoughts on “Sunset and Rock at Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

    • Unfortunately I had to let go of all the history when I upgraded to the new system. My old system unfortunately isn’t supported/updated any more and my skills weren’t enough to upgrade it to still run it. Importing into the new system didn’t really work for my plans, so I had to let the history go.
      However, over time I plan to “repost” all the pictures, they will be in the “Repost” category. At the same time I will post new pictures, they will be in the “New Post” category.

    • Sorry, a setting I forgot about: All first time commenters on the new system require approval. You should hopefully be fine now as I’ve approved your first comments. Depending on how much spam I get (already found the first…) I might switch that setting off.

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