Ruin near Ardilistry Bay, Isle of Islay

Picture of the ruin of a house in some old woodsI’m not sure what this building once was and when it was last in use. Someone mentioned it once having been a post office for the Kildalton area. The ruin can be found in the woods overlooking Ardilistry Bay. Whatever it was, it looks quite nice on a sunny summer’s day in the mild light under the trees.

4 thoughts on “Ruin near Ardilistry Bay, Isle of Islay

  1. This is beautiful! I will have to seek this lovely place out next time we’re there. Really enjoying your photo blog – it’s making me want to go back to Islay so much!

  2. A slightly different Islay video today, a walk to one of the most beautiful ruins on Islay. Especially on a bright and sunny day it’s very nice to walk around it, the light under the trees now towering over it (and even growing in and on it) is wonderful. Here’s the short video recorded by a recent visitor:
    I’ve got two pictures of it on the photoblog as well:

    Ruin near Ardilistry Bay, Isle of Islay
    Ruin in the woods above Ardilistry Bay, Isle of Islay

    I hope you like it as well and enjoyed the visit in video and pictures.

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