20 thoughts on “Port Ellen lighthouse on a cloudy day, Isle of Islay

    • There is a lovely dedicated poem on the wall of this lighthouse from Walter Fredrick Campbell to his wife Lady Eleanor. I copies this into the log of my yacht which unfortunately went with my yacht when she was sold. Does anyone have this “Dedication,” please?

      • I believe it’s this:

        “Ye who mid storms and tempests stray in
        dangers midnight hour.
        Behold where shines this friendly ray and
        hail its guardian tower.

        Tis but faint emblem of her light my fond
        and faithful guide.
        Whose sweet example meekin bright led
        through this worlds eventful tide my happy course aright.

        And still my guiding star she lives in realms
        of bliss above.
        Still to my heart blest influence gives and
        prompts to deeds of love.

        Tis she that bids me on the steep kindle this
        beacons flame.
        To light the wanderer o`er the deep who safe
        shall bless her name.

        So may sweet virtue lead your way that
        when life`s voyage is o`er.
        Secure like her with her you may attain the
        heavenly shore.”

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