Sgarbh Breac and the Wyre Majestic, Isle of Islay

Picture of a hill over a sound, a wreck on the shore of the soundA view from the ferry to Colonsay travelling up the Sound of Islay. The hill is Sgarbh Breac (364m), the highest hill in the north of Islay. At the shore of the sound you can spot the wreck of the Wyre Majestic. Bunnahabhain Bay hiding behind it on the left.

12 thoughts on “Sgarbh Breac and the Wyre Majestic, Isle of Islay

  1. Rubha a’ Mhill, where the wreck of the Wyre Majestic used to be, Sound of IslayAfter over 40 years it’s finally gone. For decades you could see the wreck of the Wyre Majestic, which ran aground at Rubha a’ Mhill near Bunnahabhain in 1974 (here’s an older view of it from a similar angle). But the strong currents and exposed position at the Sound of Islay have finally taken their toll and now it is pretty much gone. At low tide it’s sometimes possible to see some last bits from the shore, but that’s about it.
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