Autumn scene in Ardkinglas Gardens, journey to Islay

Panoramic picture of an autumn scene at a pond in a tree gardenOne of my favourite stops on an autumn journey to Islay are Ardkinglas Gardens. When the leaves are changing colour the views can be amazing, a riot of colours.

42 thoughts on “Autumn scene in Ardkinglas Gardens, journey to Islay

  1. I know exactly where this lovely wee island in the middle of the pond is. Have been in Ardkinglas gardens two weeks ago for my 60th birthday and had a great walk there. The tall trees in the park are amazing. I felt like a dwarf beside them. Looks great in Autumn colours. Maybe I have to go again 🙂

  2. If memory serves me right it’s somewhere towards the “top” of the garden, towards the “rear” if the entrance is the front? Somewhere I’ve got a picture of me being dwarfed by a tall tree (and I’m 1.93m). I’d say autumn is my favourite time to visit the gardens, the colours can be amazing if you get the timing right and especially if you catch a sunny day.

  3. Yes, you are right about the location, top of the garden, not far from the road. I thought spring might be a good time to visit when the Rhododendrons are blooming, but now I think Autumn might be even better.

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