Highland Coo above Kilchiaran, Isle of Islay

Picture of a Highland cattle on the side of a hill high above the sea, a coastline stretching into the distanceA curious Highland Coo near the top of the hill at the old radar station near Kilchiaran. Kilchiaran Bay mostly hidden behind the hill below, the entrance to the bay is to the right of the head of the Highland Coo.

46 thoughts on “Highland Coo above Kilchiaran, Isle of Islay

  1. Dear Armin,
    Just love this picture of a Highland Coo. Here in the America these cows aren’t ready seen.
    Coming from a farming background, I thought he just look Adorable.
    I’m sure he would do well in the local county fair.
    Love your Photography. It’s wonderful.
    Keep up the good work. Save just about every picture.
    You make living that beautiful area, so inviting. Thank You.
    Hope to visit –one day.

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