Killinallan Farm from the Loch Gruinart shore, Isle of Islay

Picture of an old farm and farmhouse, seen from a beachA view of Killinallan Farm (right) and the old Killinallan Farmhouse (left) from the shore of Loch Gruinart, taken on a walk to Mala Bholsa via Killinallan Point and Gortantaoid. I believe the farmhouse was sold recently, but I’m not sure what the plans with it are.

28 thoughts on “Killinallan Farm from the Loch Gruinart shore, Isle of Islay

  1. I thought of you when I came across the picture last night. There might be some other pictures in my archives somewhere from another walk (very vague memory of taking some when walking through the farm), if I find any good ones I’ll post them.

  2. The concrete silo at Kilinallan was built by my grandfather Duncan MacIntyre who was farm manager for Islay Estates in 1927. It was to store Alfalfa/Lucerne for feeding Highland cattle which were housed in the sheds beside it. The Glasgow Herald carried a bit about it at the time, reporting how pleased the Morrison family were with their go ahead farms manager.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this information, Duncan! I didn’t know any of that and hadn’t realised the silo was that old, approaching 100 years now.

      • Is it still standing? I heard a suggestion recently that it had been knocked down, which would be a pity as it is such an early example and in such a surprising location. I have only managed to visit once, I know that the ironwork for filling and emptying is beyond repair but the concrete itself seemed remarkably sound.

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