Ireland Coast from Islay

Picture of a view across a strait, Ireland visible on the other sideA view from Islay across the North Channel towards Ireland. If memory serves me right this was from somewhere on The Oa. I believe the island in front is probably Rathlin Island, behind it would be Ballycastle in Northern Ireland.

5 thoughts on “Ireland Coast from Islay

  1. Beautiful picture
    Never been to Islay but often looked across in the other direction when scuba diving off Rathlin Island
    Hope to go to Islay one day !!

    • Hopefully you’ll make it to Islay one day, ideally on a clear day so that you can see your diving grounds 😉

      I’ve seen a few pictures of Islay from Rathlin or other places in the area, think there might be a link or two on my other Islay blog.

  2. What a beautiful picture to start the day with. I have been to Islay (yeah!!) but not yet to Ireland. I would very much like to sail from Islay to Ireland one day.

    • Unfortunately I’m not aware of anyone offering sailing from Islay to Ireland. If you find enough people it is possible to go over on a RIB though, I believe Islay Seafari offer it.

  3. On our last trip back from Islay, Freerk met a woman who knows someone who does cross over to Ireland. But I can’t remember the details (name, what kind of boat, costs, etc. ) but I do remember where I wrote it down.

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