Gartbreck Farm in April 2014, Isle of Islay

Picture of a largely ruined farm

The site of the planned 9th distillery on Islay, Gartbreck Farm, as it looked in April 2014. Except for the main house (white, on the left) most of the other buildings are in ruins and will be demolished before work on the new distillery can begin.

5 thoughts on “Gartbreck Farm in April 2014, Isle of Islay

  1. I am so glad that you are back after taking a week off. I’ve often wondered if you get tired of finding photos of Islay to share with us on a Daily basis. I live in the northwest corner of Indiana USA extremely close to Chicago. I am on a ventilator and am not only home bound, but I am also bed bound. The disease I have is slowly affecting my eye sight, double vision, but I can still enjoy your many photos and the description, on those days when the double vision makes it almost impossible for me to read your description, I use a text to voice program so I copy your description and paste it in the voice program and now I am able to enjoy both the photo and what you’ve written about it..

    • Hi Philip,
      don’t worry, I’ve not run out of pictures and motivation yet and don’t expect I will for a very long long time.
      Actually, comments like yours are one of the reasons for doing this. It’s great to know that people who for whatever reason can’t visit Islay themselves can still visit and enjoy it through my pictures.

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