16 thoughts on “Moody afternoon at Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay

  1. +Celia Lewis Fingers crossed you’ll make it someday. I guess it will be rather long journey for you? Not sure what direct flights from Glasgow to North America still fly these days, I think most journeys require a detour via London?

  2. Either that or if your budget allows fly up to Glasgow and then fly to Islay. On a good day the flight to Islay is amazing. On the other hand the journey from Glasgow to Kennacraig is a very nice one as well, not to forget the ferry crossing. For me it’s an important part of the holiday.

  3. I love ferry trips – enjoy the slow time, being on the water, talking with people, the birds, all of it! So I’d probably aim for a ferry trip at least one way, fly the other way if the sky is relatively clear.  Oh dear, now I’m REALLY dreaming!! 🙂 

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