Rusty old sea mine in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

Picture of the remains of an old sea mine washed up on a beach and wedged between rocksIt used to be wedged between two rocks further down the beach, but the winter storms hitting Islay in winter 2014/2015 must have dislodged it and moved it to this location where I photographed it in April 2015. I’m told these are the remains of an old sea mine. Is what you can see through the hole top left one of the detonators?

16 thoughts on “Rusty old sea mine in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay

  1. A panoramic view of Saligo Bay in April 2015, looking quite different after the winter storms which hit Islay’s west coast in 2014/2015. A lot of sand had been washed away, exposing a lot more rocks than usual. Also a sandbank visible at low tide formed off the beach. An old sea mine moved position and was now lodged between the rocks below the dunes on the right.
    For a much better view also try the full version of the Saligo Bay panorama after the winter storms (3x as big!).
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