Waves at Carraig Fhada lighthouse, Isle of Islay

Picture of waves breaking around a white square lighthouseA view of Carraig Fhada lighthouse near Port Ellen during a November storm on Islay. Big waves were breaking over the rocks and the walkway to the lighthouse. Also note the faint rainbow visible just to the right of the lighthouse (better visible in rainbow and waves at Carraig Fhada lighthouse)

45 thoughts on “Waves at Carraig Fhada lighthouse, Isle of Islay

  1. Apparently the problem is the berthing, in particular with the modern high sided ferries like the Finlaggan. Too high risk that they might get blown against the pier or something (which was how the Port Askaig linkspan was damaged a few years back, took it out of action for a couple of weeks if not longer. Possibly also Port Ellen when that was damaged, but I can’t remember the circumstances when that happened)

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