Port Askaig, Keills and Bowmore, Isle of Islay (seen from Jura)

Picture of view over an island from a hill on another islandA view over to Islay from about half way up Beinn a’Chaolais, one of the three Paps of Jura. Port Askaig with the ferry terminal at the Sound of Islay below. Keills on the right in the middle distance and Bowmore on the left in the far distance. A part of the Rhinns of Islay in the haze on the right.

192 thoughts on “Port Askaig, Keills and Bowmore, Isle of Islay (seen from Jura)

  1. Thanks for that my favourite whisky and in the distance port Charlotte we stayed in the school house over there which I think you can make out when you zoom in , stayed there and the lochindaal

  2. A follow up to the Port Askaig, Keills and Bowmore seen from Jura picture I posted recently. There someone asked where Caol Ila was. This view from the summit of Beinn an Oir, the highest of the Paps of Jura at 785m, shows both Port Askaig and Caol Ila at the Sound of Islay with Keills further back inland. I’m not entirely sure what the loch on the top left is, but I think it’s Loch nan Cadhan.
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