Impressive cliffs and rock formations near Smaull, Isle of Islay

Picture of some interesting cliffs and rock formations at a coastA panoramic view of a fascinating part of the west coast of Islay just northwest of Smaull. On the left the cliffs known to some as Sleeping Giant, to others as the Opera House Rocks. But that’s not all, if you look to the right you’ll spot some interesting rock formations. I believe they are called ‘folded metasandstones of the Smaull Greywacke Formation’ (based on a picture and description I found on page 2 of ‘A Guide to the Geology of Islay’ by David Webster, Roger Anderton and Alasdair Skelton, a very interesting book).

41 thoughts on “Impressive cliffs and rock formations near Smaull, Isle of Islay

  1. Thanks for a good close-up, Armin. the clarity of the Rock features is great! …..also looks good from a distance, although I just failed to get the shot I wanted…keep up the Good Work!!

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