Evening at Claggain Bay panorama, Isle of Islay

Panoramic picture of a view over a bay with a pebble beach in the gloamingA beautiful June evening at Claggain Bay in the south east of Islay, the last light of the gloaming providing a calm mild light. Beinn Bheigier (491m) visible on the left, mainland Argyll in the distance on the right.

66 thoughts on “Evening at Claggain Bay panorama, Isle of Islay

  1. Good question, I think it’s reflection in the sky. Keep in mind this was in June and it was actually quite late in the evening (gone 22:00hrs), the sun actually sets more in the north west than in the west. Which is where Beinn Bheigier is from Claggain Bay. At least that’s my explanation.

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