Showing my father something on Islay

Picture of two men, the younger pointing out something to the older (his father)A slightly unusual picture for this blog, this is me and my father in Port Charlotte in June 2007, during his only Islay visit. After a long and fulfilling life he passed away this weekend at almost 87 years old. While he didn’t fall in love with Islay as much as the rest of his family he did agree to a family holiday on Islay after my late mothers cancer diagnosis in 2006. I’m not sure what I’m pointing out to him here, although I think it might have been the American Monument on the Oa where we were going to go on a walk the next day.

Picture courtesy of my sister Imke.

132 thoughts on “Showing my father something on Islay

  1. “Glänzen sah ich das Meer und blinken die liebliche Welle,Frisch mit günstigem Wind zogen die Segel dahin.Keine Sehnsucht fühlte mein Herz; es wendete rückwärts,Nach dem Schnee des Gebirgs, bald sich der schmachtende Blick.Südwärts liegen der Schätze wie viel! Doch einer im NordenZieht, ein großer Magnet, unwiderstehlich zurück.-Goethe, Venezianische Epigramme XCVI

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