Deer hiding behind Gorse bushes, Isle of Islay


Picture of a young (?) deer behind some Gorse bushesI think we spotted it somewhere along the road between Gruinart and Loch Gorm, but I’m not sure. A deer behind some Gorse bushes on the side of the road. While it was with my camera I think my sister Imke might have taken the picture the day she arrived for one of her Islay visits a few years ago (so I’m filing this under guest pictures).

Tall waterfall in the north west of Islay


Picture of a tall waterfall at a rock faceIt’s probably much more impressive in full flow after a day of rain, but this waterfall still looked interesting enough on a sunny and warm June day. I’m not sure of its name (or the burn feeding it) as there are several on the map for the area and I can’t remember which one of them this is. In any case, we admired it near our destination during a walk to Mala Bholsa back in 2010.

Picture courtesy of my sister Imke.