Dramatic clouds over the Kilchoman dunes, Isle of Islay

Picture of some dramatic heavy clouds above a line of dunes along a beachA changeable November morning on Islay, some very heavy showers passing through. Luckily this one didn’t reach the beach, but passed further inland over the Coastguard cottages.

34 thoughts on “Dramatic clouds over the Kilchoman dunes, Isle of Islay

  1. Hi Armin,
    A stunning photo and the scene appears so deserted and those looming clouds a warning for sensible photographers to pack up their gear and head for shelter.
    I have a sometimes dangerous love affair with photographing clouds and I’ve lured after the the children of Hameln by the pied piper. One afternoon after picking the kids up from school, the clouds were a very deep purple and particularly high and menacing. Any sensible person, would’ve checked the weather before heading out, but not this little black duck. I took some brilliant images and I was being wary. As soon as I felt the first raindrop plop onto my shoulder, I ran to the car. However, a huge onslaught of hail soon followed and our car was parked facing the full brunt of the storm and the sound of hailstones beating against my tin can was deafening. When I finally crawled home through the white fields of hale, our roof had been peppered with hale and my kids had rung emergency saying Mummy was missing.
    I have had a much greater respect for menacing clouds ever since and also figure those shots are hard to beat.
    Best wishes,

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