Northern Sound of Islay from Beinn Dubh

Picture of a view over a sound between two island from the foot of a hill
Northern Sound of Islay from Beinn Dubh

A view from the slopes of Beinn Dubh, looking north over the Sound of Islay. Jura on the right. In the distance on the Islay shore you can just make out the small lighthouse at Carraig Mhòr. On the right the sailing yacht under spinnaker I had seen below the Paps earlier.

42 thoughts on “Northern Sound of Islay from Beinn Dubh

  1. Yes, these are the little things I often hope for when taking pictures, something that gives the picture the little bit extra.

  2. Looks like you we’re lucky with your weather too. We had amazing weather earlier this month. Couldn’t believe our luck. A beautiful island made breathtaking by blue skies.

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