International Space Station (ISS) passing over Kilchoman, Isle of Islay

Picture of a space station pass in the night skyDuring April 2015 the International Space Station (ISS) was passing over Scotland. One evening (Sunday 12/Apr/2015 to be precise) I set up just outside of Kilchoman Church to capture a pass over Islay. Unfortunately I was interrupted by a passing car just as the ISS started to appear, but luckily managed to still capture the majority of the pass. This is a composite of 14 images covering approximately 2 minutes, hence the movement of the stars resulting in short startrails as well.

42 thoughts on “International Space Station (ISS) passing over Kilchoman, Isle of Islay

  1. I check it almost every evening – 2-6 minutes passes on a clear night – simply outstanding.  People are up there in that tiny space station… for a year!  Mind-boggling for someone who remembers the first Sputnik very clearly.  

  2. In April 2016 the International Space Station (ISS) was passing over Islay again (see also this picture for an ISS pass over Kilchoman in April 2015), unfortunately it was still fairly light during this pass over Loch Indaal. However, the picture came out better than I had hoped so I decided to share it. The view is south from Port Charlotte pier with the ISS passing from west to east. The Oa in the far distance, Laggan point towards the left of centre. The rocks below Port Charlotte’s Shore Street on the right.
    This is a composite picture of 38 images covering just under three minutes, hence the short startrails of the few already visible stars moving across the sky.
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