Walkers at the Gulf of Corryvreckan, Isle of Jura

Picture of a group of walkers high above a gulf between two islands, the mainland also visible in the backgroundDuring the Islay walking week in April 2015 we walked to the far north of Islay’s neighbour Jura to visit the Gulf of Corryvreckan with the famous Corryvreckan whirlpool. Here some of the walkers have arrived at our viewpoint, I estimate about 100-150 metres above the water. Amazing views were enjoyed from here, over to the whirlpool (not in the picture, it’s further to the left), to Scarba (on the left) and over to the mainland (including to Ben Cruachan, just right of centre).

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  1. Hi Armin, I was on Islay for the walking Festival and although I came home on Saturday I feel part of me is still there!! I was there with one of my walking friends and we chatted to you a few times, we did the alternate walk on Jura that day and had a great time, we saw 4 dolphins on our way across and loads of deer, we even saw a deer swimming across from the little island it was a great sight. On finishing our walk we went into the hotel at the quayside and it was there that someone mentioned you had photos on some websites, as we had no photos of our own I thought maybe we could see some of yours (I did buy a book coming back on the boat of photos!!) I hope you don’t mind me doing this, hope to hear all is ok, thankyou Ila Culton (Hawick Scottish Borders)

    • Hi Ila, good to hear from you. I heard of the Dolphins and the Deer, so good to hear the alternate walk was great as well. I’m going to post more pictures from the walks over the coming days, so please come back for more.

  2. At the Jura road endThis is as far as you can drive from the crossing over the Sound of Islay, the end of the public road on Jura (I reversed my car from the car park, from where I took this picture, to get it next to the sign). It’s also the starting point for the long walk to the Corryvreckan whirlpool, well behind the hills in the distance. On the way you’ll also pass Barnhill, where Orwell wrote 1984.
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