Venture West RIB at the Corryvreckan Whirlpool


Picture of a RIB cruising around a whirlpool between two islandsA regular visitor to the Corryvreckan, the RIB of Venture West is cruising right around the whirlpool on a beautiful sunny April day. We watched it from the far north of Jura during our Jura excursion with the Islay walking week.

Gulf of Corryvreckan panorama, Isle of Jura


Panoramic picture of a gulf between two islands on a beautiful sunny spring dayA panoramic view over the Gulf of Corryvreckan from the north of Jura, looking over to Scarba. The Corryvreckan Whirlpool with a standing wave on the left. This is from an excursion to Jura during the Islay walking week in April 2015.

For a much better view here is a larger version of the panorama of the Gulf of Corryvreckan.