73 thoughts on “Bruichladdich distillery panorama, Isle of Islay

  1. PS: If you look at the left hand side of the distillery you might spot something missing, indicating how old the picture is at least (not to mention there might be other hints I haven’t thought of, I’ll leave that to the Bruichladdich crew)

  2. I like Bruichladdich, always has a special place in my memory , spent happy times with Auntie Jean and David and Pat there., at Rosemount cottage… We used to have to go across the road over the wall and down towards the shore to get the water from the spring… I was always fascinated by it , when I was a child….

  3. Thank you Armin, but I have no idea what it looks like, even now that you have told me. Just goes to show how interested I am in the making of whisky!!!!! I must have a look next time I am passing.

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