Ben Lomond and Loch Long (Journey to Islay)

Panoramic picture of a view from a mountain over other mountains, a sea loch and a freshwater loch An unusual post for an Islay pictures photoblog as this picture is approximately 60 miles as the crow flies away from Islay. However, this picture shows an area many people will travel through on the way to Islay. The view is from Beinn Narnain over Loch Long and Arrochar with Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond in the distance on the left. The A82 from Glasgow takes us up Loch Lomond before we turn onto the A83. At Ardgartan the A83 turns right to the Rest and Be Thankful, just behind the ridge on the right.

37 thoughts on “Ben Lomond and Loch Long (Journey to Islay)

  1. In the Canadian Mountains the saying is; if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. Perhaps in Scotland you need to wait a wee (sorry please indulge me) bit longer.

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