Islay’s south coast from Fairy Hill panorama

Panoramic picture of a view from a hill over a coastline with bays, islands, skerriesA panoramic view from Fairy Hill (Cnoc Rhaonastil, 109m) over the south coast of Islay. Ardilistry Bay (left) and Loch a’ Chnuic (right) just below, Kildalton House hiding in the woods to the right. The Southern Skerries towards the left.

28 thoughts on “Islay’s south coast from Fairy Hill panorama

  1. Dear Armin,
    Just love this Panoramic picture. Put it on my Desktop…it’s so Beautiful. Have Never been to Islay, yet hope to get there one day.
    I love your Photography. It’s Very Expressive of the Island and the various hills, towns and creation. Keep up the good work.
    Don’t stop. When things are getting to busy or hectic, I look at your photos and I feel the “Stress” being Erased and Vanished.
    From the days events.
    Thank You….you don’t know “How Much” it all means.

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