Gannets, rocks and waves, Isle of Islay

Picture of four Gannets flying over rocks with waves breaking over themA view from Port Wemyss in June 2013, Gannets passing the rocks at the southern end of Orsay on a breezy day with a big swell coming in from the Atlantic.


4 thoughts on “Gannets, rocks and waves, Isle of Islay

  1. I remember being out fishing once an the gannets were diving for fish no further than 10 feet from the boat, awesome, but never had a camera with me

    • Wow, that must have been quite a sight!

      I had an Otter at Saligo Bay 20 feet away from me casually going over the beach. While I had a camera it was getting too dark to use it. Still an amazing memory though.

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